Private School K-12

We encourage and develop the whole child: Their strengths. Their quirks. Their sense of wonder.


Benefit #1: We are fostering creators vs. consumers.
Benefit #2: We cultivate healthy communication skills. We listen. We care.
Benefit #3: All ages support each other.
Benefit #4: We climb trees.
Benefit #5: We learn cursive.
Benefit #6: The kids help build the campus.
Benefit #7: We offer hands-on, practical skills.
Benefit #8: Here, a child can be a child. And play. And learn. And thrive.

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Practical Art Skills & Classes

Because life skills are important, regardless of your age

Practical arts refer to the process of transforming the raw materials of the Earth into something beautiful and useful for humans. Perhaps most importantly, they help the development of certain intangible character traits that influence our happiness and success as adults - things like perseverance, focus, patience, creativity, and confidence. This is because of the very nature of the work. Practical arts cannot be rushed.

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