Family, nature, education and community.
This is who
we are.

Regenerative societies depend upon strong families, beautiful nature, real-life education, and prosperous communities.

This is what we stand for. We do everything in our power to strengthen the family bond. We cherish and find enjoyment in the nature around us. We teach real-life skills because it only makes sense. There is nothing more fulfilling than building a prosperous community.





40 acres of nature located in Florida's Heartland

In the middle of it all, where memories are made.

Highlands County in the Florida Heartland is a land of abundance and wonder, ripe for discovery. Experience this slice of untouched Old Florida, where life, driven by traditional values, community and natural beauty, runs at a different pace.

Near major cities and attractions, this natural escape holds a wealth of options for anyone looking to get in touch with what truly brings you joy. From forest bathing to primitive camping to agritourism, with everything from gastronomy to motor racing in between, let us curate an exceptional experience for you.

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The founding family

The Academy at the PARC has been a lifelong vision of Colleen Paul-Hus. Not only does her family wholly support her vision, they share the vision, too. It has developed into a beautiful co-creation.

At the age of seven, Colleen moved from her family farm in Blanchester, Ohio to the suburbs of Cincinnati. Her heart ached for what she describes as her ‘Heaven on Earth’. She longed for the familiarity of family time, farm chores, and exploring nature in all its wonder. Out of this longing, and years of effort to recreate this experience for her own family, The PARC was born.

The Academy at the PARC offers instruction in the practical arts. Classes include: metalsmithing, woodworking, cooking, food preservation, permaculture/biodynamic farming, wild food forage, and other homesteading-based classes.

What’s fun about learning these new skills is the presence of like-minded families. A typical day includes the ebb and flow of children between classes with their parents and running along in the woods with their friends. This is why the Paul-Hus family values community. Rudolf Steiner, an Austrian philosopher, said it perfectly,
”A healthy social life is found only when, in the mirror of each soul, the whole community finds its reflection, and when, in the whole community, the virtue of each one is living.

Why is Free Will so important?

Developing a Complete Education

Harmonizing heart and brain through love is what can establish a complete intelligence, a complete self, where a child can look at life and realize there are no dead ends. There are only possibilities. The greatest gift a parent can give a child during all the ups and down is love.

- Doc Childre

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True inspiration and strength

The willingness of these young warriors inspires me and keeps pushing me forward. The way they play and use their minds to fight over the constant adversities they endure, is surely what our ancestors had in mind for prepping for the future. I am a proud father and educator. I am beyond grateful for the trust they have in me and the building of an amazing future. All children shine, and it is so bright that, at times, I am blinded by the sheer power of it. I am in constant AWE as I am surrounded by so many shining young minds! The PARC is building a better future, and that is truly inspiring!

- Mr. Geli (Main educator at The Academy)

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  • Sara T., mother of 3 children

    I’m just thrilled he is in your school. You guys are miracle workers!

  • Marshall A., father to a 6 yo daughter

    This place is a dream come true for a child. The only thing missing is Peter Pan!

  • Melissa C. , mother of a teenager

    The PARC has provided a local place, where I can learn to live a better, healthier lifestyle.

  • May C. , mother of 5

    My daughter doesn’t need her IEP anymore since coming to the Academy.

  • Rosalie B. , mother of 8yo and 10yo

    We are so glad we found you. It’s been a blessing for our family.

  • Robin Ludwig

    My daughter has been taking workshops in blacksmithing, Cobb earth building, cooking and leather crafting. She has so much fun with the kids there in the natural environment. Highly recommend any event at the PARC! We love going there! Blessings.

  • Hank H.

    An amazing place with welcoming and patient staff, extremely kind and explained all the activities they had planned in depth for all the kids of various ages to understand. I would highly recommend this place to anyone considering homeschooling their child or just to come out and take the tour.

  • Jerica A. , mother of 9 & 7 year old children

    My son struggled educationally and mentally in the general public school system for years. We tried several schools and the outcome was always the same. The Academy has not only changed my son’s life, but has changed our family’s atmosphere completely. His creativity, personality, and love of learning have truly blossomed.