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  • What curriculum do you use?

    We use the Waldorf curriculum as the foundational structure, but we add in a big dose of nature, practical arts, and entrepreneurship.

  • What are some of your examples of the real-life learning that the students experience?
    • Cultivating a garden from seed to harvest, a garden in which they have class and from which they sell their own creations at a market they manage with all the skills necessary.
    • They learn in classrooms they made, sitting at desks they created.
    • Rather than fact based memorization, our style of learning allows students in- depth exploration so that they can truly absorb, articulate and even teach topics of study.
    • Business Math and financial literacy projects, where students choose a career path and budget living expenses and savings based on current economy and market values.
    • On any given day, the students could be seen cooking their harvest from the garden, creating art installations, blacksmithing, leather working, spoon carving, stretching under the trees, practicing survival skills.
    • Heart-brain coherence practices give students the tools to self-regulate, manage stress and navigate difficult situations in a healthy way.
  • What are the age requirements for the students at the Academy at the PARC?

    Our early childhood program accepts children who have/will reach their 3rd birthday by May 31st, 2024 and are confidently using the toilet on their own. Our private school accepts children in Kindergarten through 12th grade.

  • What qualities does a student need to be successful here at the Academy?
    • Number one is a strong desire to be here and acknowledge the value of the education available through their action, work and word.
    • Personal accountability and a desire for growth.
    • Respect for self and community.
    • A willingness and openness to explore what they are capable of, even if they have to fail to get there.
    • Students must be capable of functioning successfully in groups without requiring exceptional attention for behavioral issues, work habits, or academic limitations. We look for bright, resilient and well-rounded children ready to expand their capacities for academics, practical arts, emotional intelligence and their connection and responsibility to the natural world.
  • What qualities do families possess here at the Academy?
    • Alignment with the Waldorf pedagogy.
    • Alignment with and agreement to uphold our Mindful Media Policy. (see attached policy to link to).
    • Alignment with and agreement to uphold our Keys to Health.
    • An understanding that tests and benchmarks are not the only way to measure a student’s intelligence. They can help guide us, but at the Academy we do not teach to the test.The possibilities of learning are far greater than a test could ever measure.
    • An understanding that an impactful education does not teach the solutions of today, but develops human beings that can find solutions that have never been found before.
    • A desire to be involved and contribute to the school community.
  • What does a typical weekly schedule look like?

    See attached PDF versions of our example schedules:

    Download Example Schedules 

    *during practical arts specialty weeks, the schedule does differ to accommodate the needs of the specialty teacher.

  • What is the Admissions Process?

    It is essential that all parents considering an application to The Academy at the PARC review, understand and agree to the process outlined below.

    1. Online Application: The first step in the admissions process is to complete a tour, followed by the Online Application. Please be prepared to provide a letter of recommendation from your child’s current teacher and complete school transcripts above Kindergarten grade level. You will have the flexibility to log in and out of your account to access and work through your open application.  Do make sure you submit your application once complete and receive a confirmation email. A non-refundable fee of $50 must be submitted with each application.
    2. Enrollment Committee Application Review: After receiving a completed application, our Enrollment Committee will review it, and decide whether to invite the family to advance to the next stage of the admissions process.
    3. Family Interview: Selected candidates will be invited to a Family/Faculty Meeting. Parents will be contacted to schedule a time for the parents and prospective student/s to interview with two faculty members, in-person on our campus. Admissions wants to get a sense of what you will bring to the parent community, what your child will add to the student body, and whether your outlook on education is compatible with the mission and values of the school.
    4. Student Visiting Days: After the admissions interview, applicants may be invited to spend from two days to one week visiting the class they are applying for. Visiting Days are a golden opportunity for your child to try out consecutive days of learning to be sure it’s a good fit for them and that we can meet their needs.
    5. Notification of Acceptance: Parents are notified of the admission decision. If accepted, a completed enrollment packet and payment of enrollment and deposit fees finalize enrollment, and are due within one week of acceptance.  A parent orientation meeting will be scheduled to discuss school policy, code of conduct, school/family dynamic partnership and expectations.
  • Is there an application and enrollment fee?

    The application fee is $50. This fee is non-refundable and non-transferable.

    Enrollment Fee is $150 annually, per student. This fee is non-refundable and non-transferable. This fee goes towards the administrative budget of establishing billing and scholarship accounts each year.

  • What does the yearly calendar look like?
  • What is the private school tuition?

    See below or download the PDF version.

  • How can my homeschool student participate in the practical arts program?

    The home school opportunities for the 2024-25 school year will be open for enrollment soon. We are planning weekly participation options for Gardening, Culinary Arts, French, Invention lab, Art and Theater. Home school students will have the opportunity to join us for immersive weeks in the practical arts of Blacksmithing, Leatherwork, Spoon Carving, Fiber Arts and more. Please contact our Enrollment Director to be added to the interest list.

  • Do you accept scholarships?

    We accept The Florida Tax Credit Scholarship (FTC), The Family Empowerment Scholarship for Educational Options (FES-EO), and The Family Empowerment Scholarship for Students with Unique Abilities (FES-UA). If awarded, these will cover approximately $7500+ of your tuition. Please visit the Step Up website to apply. Please note, the first two scholarships for educational options are available to all Florida residents grades K-12, regardless of income or ability.

    The below chart will assist you in estimating your out of pocket contribution. The estimations are based on this year’s scholarship award amounts. Award amounts for next school year will be announced by Step Up in August. Typically, the award amounts increase by approximately 10% annually.

    If the annual family contribution is out of reach for you financially and you are in true need of additional financial assistance, beyond the state scholarship, the Academy will be awarding financial aid based on a need-based grant, which is allocated by the school’s budget. Please review the Financial Aid Application Process.


  • How are transcripts and high school diploma handled?

    Transcripts and high school diplomas are managed similarly to any other private school. While we are in the process of obtaining accreditation, we have encountered no challenges with public schools accepting our transcripts. The issuance of diplomas follows the same procedure.

  • Can the Academy accommodate children with special needs and unique learning abilities?

    The Academy considers each child individually. Most important the family needs to fully accept our learning philosophy and understand the Waldorf curriculum. We are not a school to try as a “last resort.” Children who are a good fit and families who are fully committed through graduation will see the best results. Children with special needs will be asked to spend up to a week with their respective class during visiting days to evaluate if we can fully meet their needs.

  • What do we leave out of our curriculum?

    We do not promote one religion or political party over another. Religion and politics are studied through a historical lens in the upper grades. Sexual orientation and gender identity do not have a place in our curriculum or culture here at the Academy.

  • Do you administer standardized tests?

    Tests and benchmarks are not the only way to measure a student’s intelligence. They can help guide us, but here at the Academy we do NOT teach to the test or teach to mimic unprocessed information. The possibilities of learning are far greater than a test could ever measure. Although fourth grade and up do incorporate some quizzes and tests, we prioritize critical thinking and living thinking.

    We are required by the state to administer norm referenced tests once a year at the end of the year.

  • What are the festivals that you celebrate throughout the school year?

    View Festivals page here.


  • Sara T., mother of 3 children

    I’m just thrilled he is in your school. You guys are miracle workers!

  • Marshall A., father to a 6 yo daughter

    This place is a dream come true for a child. The only thing missing is Peter Pan!

  • Melissa C. , mother of a teenager

    The PARC has provided a local place, where I can learn to live a better, healthier lifestyle.

  • May C. , mother of 5

    My daughter doesn’t need her IEP anymore since coming to the Academy.

  • Rosalie B. , mother of 8yo and 10yo

    We are so glad we found you. It’s been a blessing for our family.

  • Robin Ludwig

    My daughter has been taking workshops in blacksmithing, Cobb earth building, cooking and leather crafting. She has so much fun with the kids there in the natural environment. Highly recommend any event at the PARC! We love going there! Blessings.

  • Hank H.

    An amazing place with welcoming and patient staff, extremely kind and explained all the activities they had planned in depth for all the kids of various ages to understand. I would highly recommend this place to anyone considering homeschooling their child or just to come out and take the tour.

  • Jerica A. , mother of 9 & 7 year old children

    My son struggled educationally and mentally in the general public school system for years. We tried several schools and the outcome was always the same. The Academy has not only changed my son’s life, but has changed our family’s atmosphere completely. His creativity, personality, and love of learning have truly blossomed.