An Education Built for Today’s World

Our Day School and Home Education Program have nature as the backdrop to all learning.

We encourage and develop the child as a whole: their strengths, their quirks, their sense of wonder.

For us it's not solely about educating children; it's about nurturing entire families. We believe that the seeds of transformation in education are sown in the child, but they grow to enrich and empower the entire family unit.

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The Academy is grounded in real-life learning inspired by nature. We educate children to become makers, creators and innovators through rigorous academics, practical arts and emotional maturity, preparing them to be valuable contributors to society.

Our school in the forest integrates the practical arts, humanities, math and sciences. Our practical arts include; music, movement, blacksmithing, woodworking, leatherworking, spoon carving, farming, cooking, baking, personal finance, survival skills, hunter safety and most importantly emotional resilience.


Our school vision is to establish a private institution spanning Early Childhood through Twelfth grade, driven by innovation in education, providing rigorous academics, and offering premier practical arts education. Practical arts is the hands-on application of knowledge acquired during the morning academic hours. Chemistry unfolds within the realm of blacksmithing, fractions manifest through cooking, geometry through leather working, and physics finds expression in the art of archery.

Admissions Process


Tour & Online

The first step in the admissions process is to complete a tour, followed by the Online Application. Please be prepared to provide a letter of recommendation from your child’s current teacher and complete school transcripts above Kindergarten grade level. You will have the flexibility to log in and out of your account to access and work through your open application.  Do make sure you submit your application once complete and receive a confirmation email. A non-refundable fee of $50 must be submitted with each application.

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Enrollment Committee Application Review

After receiving a completed application, our Enrollment Committee will review it, and decide whether to invite the family to advance to the next stage of the admissions process.


Family Interview

Selected candidates will be invited to a Family/Faculty Meeting. Parents will be contacted to schedule a time for the parents and prospective student/s to interview with two faculty members, in-person on our campus. Admissions wants to get a sense of what you will bring to the parent community, what your child will add to the student body, and whether your outlook on education is compatible with the mission and values of the school.


Student Visiting Days

After the admissions interview, applicants may be invited to spend from two days to one week visiting the class they are applying for. Visiting Days are a golden opportunity for your child to try out consecutive days of learning to be sure it’s a good fit for them and that we can meet their needs.


Notification of Acceptance

Parents are notified of the admission decision. If accepted, a completed enrollment packet and payment of enrollment and deposit fees finalize enrollment, and are due within one week of acceptance.